Friday, 27 April 2018

Cuckoo at Bartinney Downs

Had an excellent afternoon at Bartinney in search of Cuckoo and anything else which may be about. Well got really lucky seeing not one but two cuckoos. Unfortunately one bird had already claimed it as his patch and an in flight fight ensued and soon enough we were back to one after the intruder was evicted!!! The original and bird that remained was feeding well on caterpillars etc (bit distant for decent images) but he did come closer into the trees nearer to the camera so got some nice shots there. Also whilst scouting the area for other stuff I came across a Northern Wheatear which completely ignored me coming close for a nice shot. So a productive couple of hours and my first usable Cuckoo images (Fight one is a bit soft, caught me by surprise when they took offence to each other)

Monday, 23 April 2018

Cornish Tin Mine Evening and Nightshoot

Forecast was clear skies until midnight, so decided to take a risk and headed for the North Cornish coast with fellow photographer Alan James. On arrival prior to setting up for the night-shoot we were treated to a superb sunset. We then set up for the star trail shoot, conditions not perfect due to the moonlight but just dark enough and it actually lit p the side of the engine house quite nicely. Bit of experimenting with some additional lighting and we commenced. Start trail came out fine despite being hampered at times by condensation on the lenses that tends to build up over time (well we were trying to capture approx 120-200 30 second exposures. On completion we took some shots of the moonlight silhouetting the mines nicely. The drive home was fun with dense fog in South Cornwall I visibility was reduced to about 10ft between Roseudgen and Helston so North Cornwall was a good choice tonight.

Star Trail

Star Trail with the fisheye lens perspective corrected



Single shot without star trailing

Friday, 20 April 2018

Goonhilly Earth Station

A clear night at last provided an opportunity for myself and Alan James to carry out some startrail photography at Goonhilly. The satellite dish "Arthur" (I think) was our main subject. We waited an hour or so for darkness to set in and then commenced our photography. Due to the dish being floodlit our exposure times were adjusted 200 shots in 7-10 minutes for me to get some star trail effect. After a few attempts the temperature commenced to drop away creating condensation on the camera lenses. We carried on but due to the condensation it became impossible to get as many shots as we wanted. That said, I was rather pleased with what I did get. One still image then two colour/black and white images for the blog:

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Mach Loop March 2018

Another visit to the Mach Loop in March again a mixture of weather which curtailed photo opportunities, but on the plus side created some nice winter back drops. A visit to a slate mine was inaccessible on this occasion and an attempt to find an abandoned village failed. (both on the list for next time)  Nevertheless an enjoyable visit and more aviation photos in the bag. Here are some of the images:

RAF Tornado GR4

RAF Tornado GR4, snow on the hills

USAF OSprey from RAF Mildenhall

RAF Hawk T1

RAF Tornado GR4

RAF Tornado GR4

RAF Hercules C130

RAF Typhoon

USAF Osprey

Friday, 23 March 2018

Day time Exercise with the RNLI/Coastguard

This latest exercise took place in Mounts Bay off Newlyn, although is was quite far off shore I still managed to get some images.  The training exercise seemed to run smoothly for both the RNLI and Helicopter polishing their skill-set for real emergencies. The helicopter G-MCGY is based at Newquay and the lifeboat is the Penlee Lifeboat "Ivan Ellen"

Monday, 19 March 2018

Navy Wings Nightshoot

My first aviation night shoot , normally these events are held 6hrs plus travelling time away placing them out of reach for us down in Cornwall. So held a RNAS Yeovilton I decided to fit this in with a visit to the Mach loop in Wales and call in for the night shoot on the way back. Organised by utilising airframes from the,  RNAS Yeovilton and an EX 771 SAR Helicopter now operated by https://heliops the line up was pretty decent.

A safety briefing was given on the bus and we were off to the site. I was somewhat concerned when I heard there would be some 160 photographers (not sure if they all turned up) that said there was no panic/pushing/shoving etc everyone respected each others space and no-one hogged the prime aircraft. In truth it felt like there were about thirty people there. Hot drinks were provided and plenty of staff were on hand to advise/assist should you need anything. The lighting provided by was spot on all the exhibiting aircraft were well lit and spread out on the line. RNAS Yeovilton were night flying at the time so additional lighting in the background was unavoidable. (Some photoshop editing should you choose to will cure this) Arriving around 5-6pm gave opportunities to capture aircraft during the blue hour, although it was cloudy. A couple of showers threatened after nightfall but I just kept shooting, rain on the canopies looking good. All in all a fantastic evening providing an opportunity to photograph some iconic Royal Navy aircraft and some more modern. I will definately visit again. Well done to all involved.

Now onto some of the images a fully gallery can now be seen here on my website. Navy Wings Nightshoot

Royal Navy Phantom

Royal Navy Sea Vixen

HeliOps Westlands Sea King (Formerly 771 SAR Aircraft XV666)

Royal Navy Merlin MK3, RNAS Yeovilton

Royal Navy Phantom

Royal Navy Swordfish

Royal Navy Sea Fury

Royal Navy Sea Vixen

Royal Navy Merlin MK3 RNAS Yeovilton